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Functional Chocolates

They’re loaded with goodness. Bite into a wellness routine that tastes incredible.

Own your mood

Calm. Balance. Chill.

Fully-flavorful, fully-functional

Many benefits are hand-crafted in these different flavors.
Crafted with your wellness in mind, our chocolate bites contain the best natural ingredients.
Take a relaxing bite that soothes all your senses. 

Chocolate Dreams

Fall into a sweet, sweet slumber.

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Chocolate Immunity

The best tasting immune boost.

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Chocolate Boost

The yummiest way to wake your senses.

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Chocolate Fighters

Bite into your shot of antioxidants

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Chocolate Bliss

Swing your mood around.

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Chocolate Balance

Feel the zen of “now” with a mouthful of this goodness. 

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Made of the (really) good stuff.