Our Story

Our story begins with a young man, escaping World War II, leaving a life in Europe behind for safe haven in the Caribbean; a lush, tropical paradise … He settled in La Hispaniola, along Cordillera Central, a mountain range that extends from the plains of San Cristóbal and Baní in the Dominican Republic to the northwestern peninsula of Haiti (where it is known as Massif du Nord) in a small, Dominican village just below the highest mountain peak of the Caribbean; Pico Duarte.

Just 50 miles from the lowest point in the Dominican Republic, this pinnacle’s altitudes birth the perfect storm of nutrient-rich soil, fresh mountain air and sunshine to grow world-renowned Cacao. The villagers in the Ciboa area used the Cacao in many facets of day-to-day life: for shade, food, tinctures and more, but their favorite use was the best of all; Chocolate. The young man who began our story grew to be the village chocolatier. He remembered the smell of the cacao and the shade of the trees. He learned the bean trade when he landed in Venezuela; a city regaled as “the big cacao” because of its magnificent premium cacao criollo. The fire it started inside of him never dwindled. He was regaled for creating the finest chocolate in all of the island. He shared his passion from son to son, passing a hand-crafted recipe through three generations to a boy who grew to become our Master Chocolatier.

In our factory, the air is rich with the smell of cacao. Our Master Chocolatier remembers, as a young boy, how that same smell filled the air in his grandfather’s shop. He now draws upon that smell for inspiration, invoking memories of going to work with his father, processing cacao into cacao liquor and butter, and learning to pair and perfect new flavors. His inspiration drew him across an ocean to continue his family’s legacy of perfecting confections and chocolates.

Our Master Chocolatier precision crafts each of our artisanal flavors by hand, choosing each and every ingredient by the pallet distinguished from his grandfather’s perfected instruction. He and our team have traveled the world, hand-curating the finest ingredients to blend into each flavor. Southeast Edibles has chosen to partner with ethical and sustainable farms that grow the highest quality cannabis strains across the country. They are robust in CBD and lab tested to ensure the best oils are extracted in their purest form. Simply put, they are uncompromised and robust in benefit and effect. Rich coconut milk is blended into our chocolate to create bold flavors that maintain integrity while being dairy-free. From a grandfather’s hands to a grandson’s dream, our bean to bite confections are filled with love, inspiration and integrity.

Good ingredients
Good Chocolate